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Online Personal Training 

Who is online training for?


Those who want to: 


  • Achieve long - lasting results 

  • Lose fat

  • Gain muscle or achieve that 'toned athletic look'

  • Build strength, power or work on other specific areas of training

  • Increase fitness 

  • Build self-confidence

  • Or don't want to pay the price for a 1:1 trainer


All tailored programmes are built for you to achieve your goals, I cater for every fitness level and can create a training programme for you to do anywhere, from your living room to your garden or the gym- absolutely no equipment restrictions. 


I pride my training and nutrition programmes on giving you the education and tools to continue your progress and be the healthiest you can be for life. 



Ultimate Shape 12 Week Fat Loss - £199! Only £2.40 a day!

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How it works:





Consult and Create


Time to discuss your goals. You will complete a comprehensive questionnaire to help me understand your lifestyle, health, experiences and preferences. 


I will then create your individually tailored training programme and nutrition plan to get you the goals you want!






Training and Nutrition Programme 


You will get access to my exercise video library, which includes instructional videos for each exercise in your training programme.

You will get a nutrition plan with over 80 foods to choose from and over 20 easy, quick recipe ideas every 4 weeks, to fuel your body with the optimum nutrients it needs for the training your completing and your lifestyle.






Track and Support 


I will continue to motivate and support you with messages, emails or skype, while we will take monthly measurements to ensure you are making progress.  


Your training programme and nutrition plan will consist of 3 phases - each lasting 4 weeks. 

Once you have submitted your measurements at the end of each phase we will discuss how it's going and I will create a new training programme and nutrition plan for the next phase, to ensure you continue to progress.








My tailored online programme will get you results, it takes hard work and dedication but you will achieve your goal!

Throughout the programme, I will educate you and will set you up with the tools you need to continue your progress and sustain your results independently. 


Basing my programs on scientific evidence and personal experience ensures they work if you stick to them consistently - so go on let's give this 100% and achieve your goal! 


Ultimate Shape 12 Week FAT LOSS
Training and Nutrition Programme 



This tailor-made individualised programme, is not only is specifically targeted to meet your goals but also works with your lifestyle. Within this program I use scientifically proven methods of training and nutrition to optimize fat loss. Once we have shredded the fat we will build lean muscle to get that "toned look", finally ending with sustaining your results through educating you on how to continue your progress independently after the programme. 


Whats included?

  • Comprehensive fitness assessment and lifestyle analysis

  • 3 customised educational training programmes suited to your goal - each lasting 4 weeks 

  • 3 customised educational nutrition plans - each lasting 4 weeks, with total control over what you eat from a choice of over 80 foods with over 20 recipe ideas each month!

  • Guides on all you need to know about nutrition, fat loss and supplements

  • Regular email and instant message correspondence for questions, support, motivation and analysisI will be with you every step of the way!

  • A kick ass physique at the end!  


No low-calorie diets, boring salads or calorie counting on this plan, you will not be slogging for hours in the gym, my workouts are maximum 1 hour long, with some only 30 minutes. It's all down to training smart, eating better and learning what is right for you!


You will be eating different delicious meals every day made from a huge variety of foods that fuel your body correctly for your training (take a look at my blog or Instagram if you don't believe me). 


Wondering how it all works?  Yes!


Are you ready to start?


Would you like to ask some questions?

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Online personal training and nutrition programmes