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3 Easy, Quick Vegan Lunches

February 15, 2018


Does anyone else hate spending hours in the kitchen over lunch? But you want something fresh and healthy? Or looking to take something healthy to work but, again, don’t want to spend ages meal prepping the night before? Don’t always want a salad?


I have 3 easy lunch recipes that don’t take long at all and you can make most of them in bulk to keep that easy lunch option going all week! These recipes are all vegan, however, you can make them just as yummy and healthy by adding some meat if you fancy it!


Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup:

(serves 2)



1 large or 2 small sweet potato’s

1/2 onion sliced

1 garlic clove sliced

400ml vegetable stock

1/2 tin of light coconut milk

Pinch of chilli flakes

Salt and pepper to season


  • Fry the sliced onion and garlic until softened.

  • Cube the sweet potato into small even cubes and add to the onion and garlic, throw in the veg stock and chilli flakes and boil for 15-20 minutes until the sweet potato is soft right through (poke a fork into it to test).

  • Add the coconut milk and pour all the ingredients into a blender or use a hand held blender to blend until smooth – (you may want to add water until you have got the desired consistency).

  • This is a great one to make in bulk and freeze, or save for a few lunches.



Soy Tofu and Avocado Salad:

(serves 1)



1/2 avocado

1 handful of Romanian lettuce

1 handful of spinach

200g firm tofu

1tbsp soy sauce

1tbsp olive oil

1tbs balsamic vinegar

5 brussel sprouts (halved)

1 handful of cauliflower (chopped into chunks)

Pinch of chilli flakes


  • Preheat the oven to 190C and cut the tofu in 1cm cubes.

  • Put the sprouts, cauliflower and tofu onto a baking tray and cover with half the olive oil, soy sauce and all the chilli flakes. Bake for 20 minutes, tossing half way through. 

  • To make the dressing, mix the balsamic vinegar, soy sauce and oil together and set aside.

  • Chop the lettuce and slice the avocado. Put the lettuce, spinach and avocado into a bowl.

  • Once golden and slightly crispy take the tofu and roasted veg out the oven and put onto the salad and cover in dressing.

  • Again this is one that you can batch make the tofu and roasted veg to add to any salad later in the week. You can make this salad with any roasted veg, sprouts and cauliflower are just 2 that I love to cook with in the winter.


Veggie soup:

This one is so quick, super healthy and warming!

(serves 2)


500ml veg stock

1/4 onion chopped

1 garlic clove chopped

1/3 red pepper sliced

1/2 courgette

1/2 carrot

4 mushrooms sliced

5 tomatoes halved

1 handful of broccoli chopped

1 small red chilli or chilli flakes


  • Fry the onion and garlic and chilli until softened.

  • Add the stock along with the mushrooms and bring to the boil for 5 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, grate the carrot and courgette.

  • Throw in the broccoli, carrot, courgette, tomatoes and pepper and boil for 5 minutes.

  • Enjoy this super warming lunch!


Hope you are all having a fabulous week and as always drop me a message if you have any questions and for more recipe ideas and workouts follow me on Instagram @ultimateshapefitness


Kasia x


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