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Do I Need To Be Hungry To Lose Weight? 4 Tips To Help You Lose Weight This Summer!

July 10, 2019

(1 minute read)


4 simple tips to lose weight this summer, is it true you need to be hungry all day? 



Absolutely not! While yes, you do need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight (meaning you need to be burning more than your eating) you really do not need to be starving hungry all day. There are several ways you can reduce your hunger levels while staying in a calorie deficit and losing weight. 


Because being hungry all day will not only leave you feeling low on energy, very tired, grumpy and give you awful brain fog which will affect your work but also cause you to be more likely to fall off the wagon and have the occasional binge on all the foods you have been trying so hard to avoid. Yes, you may be a little hungry from time to time when losing weight, however, if you are hungry most of the time or starving an hour after every meal then you are doing something wrong. 


Give these tips a go and notice your hunger vanishing, your energy levels improving and you will still lose weight;


1. Increase your protein intake - swap some of the white starchy carbohydrates or processed foods for more protein; chicken, fish, lean red meat, veggie Quorn, eggs, tofu or beans, pulses and lentils.  You should be aiming for roughly a hand size portion per meal (depending on your body size and activity level). Protein is excellent at keeping you fuller for longer and keeping that hunger at bay. 


2. Increase your veggies - make half your plate veggies, grab those green veggies and all things colourful; roast them, eat them raw, steam or boil them or even fry them in a little oil and seasoning. Veggies are a fabulous low calorie, nutrient dense way of filling you up, they are rich in fibre so will please your digestive system and keep you full for longer while giving your body so many important nutrients. 


3. Drink more water - your brain can often mistake being hungry for being thirsty. Ensure you are having regular sips of water and aim for 3-4 litres of water per day. You will start off peeing a lot but you will soon notice the change in energy, loss of brain fog and improvement in your skin. 


4. Don’t cut your calorie (food) intake so much that you are starving yourself, while this may be a quick way to lose weight you will feel awful and you will bounce back to the weight you were previously very quickly. Make gradual sustainable changes. You want to aim for about 100-300 calories under your maintenance per day, this can be the difference between a snack bar and swapping to an apple, or instead of adding potatoes or rice to your dinner or swapping for more veggies.


I really hope you find this useful, again any questions fire them across! 


Kasia :) 


BSc Sports Science, Women’s Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer 

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