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3 Biggest Weight Loss Tips

March 26, 2019

(1-minute read)


If only weight loss could be as easy in practice as it is on paper… 



However I can tell you these 3 tips can really make a huge difference to your progress, they may seem too simple and really not what you are expecting to read but give them a go and feel the difference for yourself - have had so many clients achieving fantastic results with these 3 simple changes. 



1. Increasing your protein intake - increased protein intake has been shown in many studies to help with fat loss. Protein not only helps you to feel fuller for longer and keeps hunger at bay (preventing the unwanted snacking), but it can also help keep your energy levels up when losing weight. 

Protein keeps you from losing muscle when trying to lose fat, you don’t want to be losing muscle too as muscle helps you to lose fat - it’s more metabolically active than fat so helps to burn more calories while you go about your daily business. 

Increased protein consumption slows down digestion slightly which means your body uses more energy to digest it, again burning more calories.


How much should you be eating per meal? As rough guidance, you should aim to get a large fist-sized piece of protein per meal, this can be meat, fish, eggs (2-3) or veggie protein such as tofu or Quorn. For larger males aim for a whole hand size portion.



2. Move more - I don’t mean workout, just get up from your desk once an hour and go to the toilet or get yourself water. Get off the tube a stop earlier or park 5 minutes walk from your office. Build these into your daily routine and you won't notice you're doing them after a while as it will become the norm.


Moving more is the most incredible secret fat burner, all those steps add up here and there. 


3. Dark Chocolate - I am certainly not saying dark chocolate has some sort of magic fat burning properties… it doesn’t! 


However, the most common reason for people struggling to lose weight is craving sugary calorie dense foods (and giving in). If you are really craving something sweet go for a good quality dark chocolate (the reason I say good quality is because it is lower in sugar) 70 or 80% Green and Blacks is perfect - go for 3 squares to satisfy those sweet cravings. 


Don’t reach for it every night, try and limit it to 2-3 times a week max but it really can help with those sweet cravings. You may find it bitter at first if you usually go for milk chocolate but if you are reducing your sugar intake you will soon find that you notice your tastebuds change and you actually find it sweeter over time. 


As with any weight loss progress you do need to be in a calorie deficit (eating fewer calories than you are burning) to lose fat. Regardless of what technique you use or foods you eat you will only lose fat if you are in a calorie deficit. 


Give these a go and notice the difference! 



Kasia :) 


BSc Sports Science, Women’s Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer 

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