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The Psychology Behind Supermarket Layouts

October 5, 2018

1 minute read


Is it just coincidence that you walk out of a supermarket with 5 times more than you intended to buy? Or is it very clever marketing strategies that are designed to ensure you triple your shop?



I’m going to explain some of the strategies and psychology behind all this in the hope that it can save you not only a few pounds but also reduce your purchases in terms of sweet treats too! 


When you walk in?


How beautiful are the flowers and the fresh colourful fruit and veg? These beautiful colours are designed to stimulate your senses, put you in a good mood and make you feel happy – aka ready to buy! 


The freshly baked bread, smells delicious doesn’t it? This encourages you to shop with your stomach!


Can’t find what your looking for? Oh they have moved it again! This is because the more time you spend looking for something the more likely you are to grab other bits too! 


The shop?


Were you just running in to grab some yoghurt and tea? Those essentials are nestled deep among all the tempting bargains along the way. Now if you have managed to get there without picking anything else up, I’m impressed! 


Have you noticed that the items that are usually eaten together are shelved close? Well if you buy one you may as well stock up on the other right? It’s all part of the plan! 


Finally checking out?


Ah the impulse buys stacked at the checkout, especially tasty if you are hungry! These are the worst to give in to because they are usually chocolate or sugary foods. 


Do you have a nectar card? Oh the good old loyalty card- allows them to track your shopping habits and target marketing to you. 


A café near the door on your way out? Just a perfect opportunity to grab a coffee and maybe even a cake because our tired and probably hungry after your shop! BANG they have you right until you leave – now that really would take most of our days will power to get in and out and only buy that yoghurt and tea! 


How to avoid the traps?

  1. Shop with a list and stick to it

  2. Do larger shops less frequently 

  3. Don’t shop hungry

  4. Don’t be too tempted by the red labelled sale items- they might only be reduced by 10p. But I do love a good barging so if there is one grab it! ;) 

  5. I love to buy my fresh fruit and veg at markets, they can be much cheaper sometimes! 


I hope you find this useful, as always any questions, fire them below! 


Kasia x 

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