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The Best “Fat Burning Foods”? Are There Fat Burning Foods?

September 20, 2018

One of the most common questions I am asked in this industry is “What are the best fat burning foods?”


Is there even any fat burning food? How can a food burn fat? 


Well, let me explain! The foods that supposedly burn fat: chilli, green tea, eggs and ginger to name a few, claim to speed up your metabolic rate by thermogenesis (producing heat). 


So is this all true?


Unfortunately, recent studies have shown with the likes of green tea, that the amount they speed up your metabolic rate is insignificant, you would need 4 cups of green tea to burn 70 more calories a day (that’s the same as eating 8 Cashew nuts)! Therefore, this is unlikely to make any significant difference to fat loss. 


What’s the solution?


Eating foods that have a higher thermic effect of digestion, meaning they take energy (calories) to process or digest.  The catch is that ALL foods are thermogenic, however, some are a little more than others. 


High fat foods are the worst contestant when it comes to the thermogenic effect and the most thermic is lean protein from solid foods: Chicken, Turkey, Seafood, Eggs and lean Red Meat to name the best. Showing protein has the highest thermic effect of all your macronutrients. 


30% of the calories in protein are used for digestion and processing, with an added bonus that it suppresses your appetite keeping you feeling fuller for longer. 


Carbohydrates have a thermic effect of about 15% and Fats about 2-3%. 


So, answering the question what are the best “fat burning foods”? A combination of lean protein and fibrous veg (especially the green kind- kale, spinach, broccoli) is going to give you the best thermic effect. However, having a good variety of nutrient dense foods in the correct portions is what will help you to burn fat fastest. 


As always, any questions fire them below, 


Kasia x

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