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6 Tips to get you to the gym this summer. Are you someone that struggles to get the motivation to actually go to the gym? See if this works…

May 28, 2018

(1 minute read)


Did you know that people in Britain waste £558m a year on unused gym memberships? This annoys me more than those that talk about signing up but don’t sign up at all because the gyms are just making a small fortune out of you and you’re getting nothing but feeling like a failure. 


If you are someone that struggles to get the motivation to actually go to the gym then I have a few tips for you: 


  1. Find the most accessible, closest gym that you like! You already have enough excuses not to go to the gym so find a gym that is close by easy and accessible, don’t give yourself any other reasons not to go. 


  1. Track your progress - Test your fitness and your body composition and decide which area/areas you want to work on (you can use a trainer or a more affordable option is using a fitness testing machine – e.g FIT QUEST, available in gyms such as the Gym Group). 


  1. Plan out your sessions at the beginning of the week and stick to them! 


  1. Try and go in the morning as you have more energy and are more likely to go. 


  1. Get a trainer to check up on you, book into classes or follow a programme- my clients are always 90% more successful when following a programme I write for them. 


  1. Set achievable goals within a time frame. 


If you have a Gym group gym near you I would suggest giving it a go, the gym is easy, versatile and very affordable with a great verity of machines, classes and membership options. In the gym they have great Fit Quest machines that you can do a body composition analysis on, this tests your weight, muscle, fat and bone mass, giving you accurate readings allowing you to work on for example lowering your body fat percentage. 


Motivate yourself by testing your fitness in different areas, if you need a more affordable option than a personal trainer then I would suggest using the Fit Quest machines you will find in Gym group gyms. You stand on the machines and complete a few short tests (balance, power, cardio fitness, upper body and lower body strength etc) form your results you are able pinpoint areas you would like to or need to work on. You can then retest your self regularly to see your progress. Fantastic if you don’t have a trainer, still want to track your progress and see visible results – very rewarding.


So people, get out there, join up to a gym that is easy so you wont make excuses not to go (take a look at the gym group), track your progress using a Fit Quest machine or get a PT or programme, set out your sessions and your goal and go, go, go!!


As always any questions sure them below! 



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