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Speedflex Training - What is it?

March 21, 2018

(1 minute read time)


Work in the City? Short of time and need some motivation to workout? I may have your answer!


Speedflex training is influenced by HIIT and resistance training - my two favourite things when it comes to exercise. Why? Because they are the most effective forms of training for burning fat, "toning" up and achieving that lean, toned look. 


The nature of this training means you burn significantly more calories than you would during your average workout. 


With that in mind, I decided to give Speedflex training a go. Speedflex training is a little different to traditional resistance exercise machines, the machines work by you applying force through the whole exercise (lifting and lowering) whereas during a normal shoulder press, for example, you would normally apply force during the lifting phase of the exercise and then slow the lowering of the weight. 

I am very intrigued by this form of training because there is no weight set on the machines; just resistance in the lifting and lowering phase, the resistance is automatically adjusted in response to the force you generate! All the normal simple exercises you do become harder and require a more complex muscles contractions, leading to burning a lot more calories than your average workout.


I found the workout great, it was short, sharp and to the point. It got me working hard and it was all over in 30-45 minutes depending on the class. The heart rate monitor that you're given, I find fantastic; it's connected to a TV screen showing your heart rate which I found very motivating! The very accurate chest strap was showing 177 beats per minute during this workout , while my wrist Fitbit was suggesting I was going for a stroll in the park at 88 beats per minute, not so accurate! 


The Speedflex studio I went to was in London (City - close to Bank tube) where they have a huge variety of classes which are targeted at busy working professionals in their lunch time. They are offering a 2 week free trial, that I would certainly recommend giving a go if you are struggling to fit that workout in after a long day at work or need a little boost of motivation. 


Alternatively if you are nowhere near London, but still want quick effective fat burning and muscle toning workouts to try at home or in your gym, give my blog on MRT (metabolic resistance training) a read. There are some great workouts to try too!

As always fire away if you have any questions and follow @ultimateshapefitness on Instagram for more workouts and fun! :D


Kasia x




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