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The New Yoga Experience – looking for something a little more lively to improve your flexibility?

October 9, 2017


Yoga, it’s something I have great admiration to people who can do it for hours, but I need something a little more, something that’s going to get me out of breath and a little hot and bothered!


I have recently found a new revelation in yoga that I love, so I wanted to share it with you, if your anything like me and want to improve your flexibility and core strength but need something a little more lively, then these may be for you;


This Yoga fusion gives you the best of both worlds… Yoga and cardio!


If you follow me on Instagram you will know what how often I bang on about the importance of flexibility, mobility, stretching and rehabilitation of your muscles. I dedicate 10-15 minutes of my day at least 5 times a week to exercises that target the above. This can be in the form of yoga, stretching or foam rolling.


However I never have the patience to do it for longer than 15 minutes… I wish I did but I just don’t- trust me I have tried!


So I have recently been heading to classes that are a little more than just yoga; these come in the form of Yoga and HIIT, Hot Yoga or Yoga and Pilates and I thought I would share my experiences in the ones I have tried so far, so that you can decide for your-self if they are for you;


Yoga HIIT- I did this at a Fitness & Flow event. This is probably my favourite mix, I love HIIT sessions, they are a sure way to get you panting and running for the cool breeze from the door! The mixture of HIIT and Yoga I thought was fantastic – we did a 30 minute bodyweight HIIT class with Hannah followed by a 30 minute Yoga session with Sabi. The whole mix is perfect, and these girls do a great class together! I came away feeling like I had done a really intense class that got my core burning, heart rate up but then muscles stretched and fluid, I felt fabulous! I would highly recommend trying some Yoga with HIIT if you’r wanting something intense with your yoga!


Hot Yoga – I have heard so much about this hype I thought I would jump on the band wagon and go for it! I went to Everyone Active at Marshall Street Leisure Centre. We went into a small and very cosy warm room- at first I closed my eyes and thought “great I feel like I’m on the beach in Greece” the heat warms you right through, it was lovely. Then we got going and my word I was sweating like never before. It’s a strange sensation, I didn’t feel like I was working overly hard but I was sweating like a pig running a marathon. It got seriously hot in there – it really isn’t for the faint hearted! But I came away feeling very revived, warm right though (which felt lovely on a cold wintery evening) and relaxed but my muscles felt fluid and stretched. I will certainly be going back when it gets to the deep winter because that heat was dreamy!


Yoga Pilates fusion – This I have found to be a great one to strengthen the core and really get it burning. Strengthening my core is something that I am working on so I loved this class. However it is a little less intense cardio wise, it may not get you panting and sweating like the Yoga HIIT, but it does get your muscles burning and core working extremely hard!


Overall I would say I really enjoyed each Yoga mixes that I have tried so far –for different reasons. The yoga HIIT is something I now go to regularly and I think this certainly is the one for me. If you are like me and need something to push you a little more than yoga alone I would very much recommend trying a yoga class that is mixed with another exercise or form of cardio!





Here are the websites where you can find the classes I have mentioned if you fancy giving them a go!




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