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Working Out and Keeping Lean When Travelling- My Top Secrets

May 19, 2017


I'm travelling South America at the moment and I have had a lot of people asking me about working out and how I manage it when I don't have any equipment. So here is the thing....

I have designed myself a circuit program that is a total killer and is all body weighted- however fit you are it's tough, trust me. I was pretty fit when I started it but I was still sweating like a pig and walking like a penguin the next day.

The circuit I have designed is just simple body weight exercises that work specific muscles that I have targeted on each workout. I have ensured that it progresses nicely through out the 8 weeks- progression is the absolute key to success, so I have ensured that each week there is a good increase in intensity- reps and volume.

I have combined the circuits with HIIT sessions as they are a great quick way to burn fat and continue burning fat with that after burn effect we all love, they are super quick and efficient while your away!

I have an Arms and Upper body circuit to show you, try this one and see what you think- don't tell me you found it easy ;)

Arms and upper body: complete each circuit for 10 minutes- repeat the circuit until the time is up then rest for 1-2 mins.

Circuit 1:
•15 burpies
•20 pushups
•12 tricep dips (feet raised)
•15 spider push-ups

Circuit 2:
•15 lay down push-ups
•20 squat shoulder press
•10 diamond push-ups
•15 burpies

Circuit 3:
•15 tricep bows
•10 diamond push-ups
•1 min straight arm plank
•12 tricep dips (feed raised)

REMEMBER no cheeky rest between exercises ;) only rest at the end of the 10 minutes for 1-2 mins.

To finish:

Circuit 4- (10 minute HIIT) 20s of each exercise followed by 20s rest:
•High knees
•Squat jumps
•Jump Lunges

I have been completing these workouts anywhere with a small amount of space- my bedroom floor, the beach (although I get weird looks haha), the balcony or hostels- they can literally be done anywhere with any amount of space as long as you can do a burpie ;)

4-5 workouts a week is all it takes. This is what my typical week looks like:
Day 1: Legs
Day 2: Upper body
Day 3: HIIT
Day 4: rest
Day 5: Abs and cardio
Day 6: HIIT
Day 7: rest 


My circuits are only 40 minutes long and the HIIT sessions 20 so if you smash them out in the morning they don't take up too much time at all!  

Food wise I am just being sensible, having low carb meals when possible (very difficult being allergic to gluten and eggs). I'm choosing meals based on protein and then asking for veggies instead of the double carbs that seem so popular here (massive portions of fries and rice accompanying all meals haha). I often eat fish or chicken with salad, and ensuring I don't have too many sweet treats or snacks as we all know those sweet treats are the killer! 


Saying that I am definitely tasting the local delicacies and trying new dishes- one of my favourite things about traveling! 

These are my keep fit traveling secrets, you can adopt them on a week away, a business trip or even months backpacking all you need is a small space in your room or on a balcony.

If you have any questions or would like any more information or tips just drop me an email and I would be happy to help!



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